July 18, 2019

Sugar: Kids At High Risk Of Tooth Decay

Are you falling into the sugar trap?

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Kids First Visit To The Dentist

If your child has their first few teeth, you might be wondering what age you should take your little one to the dentist.

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Can Baby Bottles Lead To Tooth Decay?

Our Adelaide dentists explain how to stop your child getting tooth decay – right from birth.

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Sleep Apnoea In Children

Sleep apnoea is a common disorder where a person’s breathing stops and starts during sleep, interrupting the breathing process.

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Kids Dental Check Up Adelaide

In general, we recommend that children, like adults, have six-monthly dental check ups.

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The Dental Essentials for New Parents

The answers to the most frequently asked questions received from new parents.

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Basic Facts About Your Child’s Teeth

Did you know that your child’s teeth begin forming before they are even born?

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