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July 18, 2019

In general, we recommend that children, like adults, have six-monthly dental check ups.

In general, we recommend that children, like adults, have six-monthly dental check ups.

Why is it important for my child to have regular dental check ups?

Every child has a different level of risk for developing decay, which is assessed dependent upon such things as previous dental history, fluoride exposure, intake of sugars, tooth morphology, oral hygiene, and other lifestyle and biological factors. This assessment is conducted at your child’s initial appointment and is ongoing at each check up, helping us to best treat your child in a preventive approach.

Here are our top 5 reasons your child should have regular dental check ups.

1. Your child can become familiar with the dentist without fear or pain. 

Many dental phobias originate in childhood, so taking your child off to the dentist for the first time with a massive cavity is only going to build a negative association to the dentist in their mind.

Instead, we recommend an approach where they come in with mum, dad or a sibling, from a young age, have a ‘ride in the chair’ and we have a quick, fun check in their mouth. If there are any dental problems present, it’s important to detect these as early as possible.

Similarly, children will cope much better if they have to receive dental treatment down the track if they’ve attended from an early age and built a relationship with the dental practitioner.

2. We can check their susceptibility to decay or other dental problems. 

Everyone differs in how predisposed they are to decay or other dental problems. For instance, if your child has crowded teeth or deep grooves in their molars, then it’s more likely these teeth will develop decay.

We can check your child’s teeth for any of these potential problems and recommend preventive treatments or teach them how to best care for these areas.

3. The dentist can detect early signs of decay and treat to prevent cavities. 

We believe that prevention is better than a cure and, in many cases, it’s also less painful and more cost-effective. Regular dental check ups for your children can detect, identify any risk factors and treat any early signs of decay in order to prevent cavities.

4. The dentist can check for signs of sleep apnoea, or other ear, nose and throat related problems.  

Sleep apnoea in kids is often caused by enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils which can sometimes block your child’s airway when they sleep, resulting in both developmental and behavourial problems.

We can assess your child at their dental check up and refer you to a relevant specialist if necessary.

5. We can educate and encourage your kids to take ownership. 

Kids dental check ups at Adelaide Quality Dental are a great way for your kids to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of caring for their teeth, setting them up for a lifetime of the best dental health.

Our team has lots of great advice and tips for kids and parents when it comes to looking after little teeth. We’ve found that educating kids empowers them in the home environment to ‘own’ their own dental care, rather than being nagged by mum and dad.

Is it time for your child’s next dental check up?

Kids dental check up Adelaide: you can now see how important a dental check up is for your child, regardless of whether they’re experiencing tooth pain or not.

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