Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Our Adelaide-based Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide team is highly experienced in providing professional teeth whitening – without the risks.

Technology has come a long way. Today you really can achieve whiter, brighter teeth for a perfect smile.

After extensive research, we have chosen the KOR whitening system. It is regarded as one of the most effective teeth whitening systems in the world.

KOR has multiple systems that can be used on heavily stained teeth, as well as teeth that have been damaged by tetracycline or fluorosis.

Care and options.

You will be personally cared for by qualified clinicians with many years of experience. We pride ourselves on our approach, which puts your needs, safety and health first. We understand that each patient is unique.

There are many reasons for teeth discolouration – and KOR offers a range of options for you to consider. Your initial consultation will involve an assessment of your teeth and we can then talk together about the options you can choose.

Teeth whitening tackles the years of staining inflicted upon teeth through foods, drinking coffee , red wine or even smoking. The teeth whitening process doesn’t adversely affect the structure of your teeth and for many years now has delivered safe and proven results for many people. Whiten your teeth today at our Adelaide practice on Port Road – just outside of the CBD.

We can whiten your teeth in our Adelaide based office or by using a ‘take-home’ system. Both options use a custom-made dental tray that ensures the whitening gel gets into all the right areas and prevents it from going where it shouldn’t. The result? A bright, healthy smile without any of the mess associated with DIY or off-the-shelf whitening kits.

Who is teeth whitening suitable for?

Before undergoing any whitening procedure it is important to ensure your mouth is healthy and ready for whitening. An examination with our dentists prior to whitening will ensure that you get the treatment that is right for you.

How long does teeth whitening last for?

Tooth discolouration is caused by a variety of lifestyle factors including certain food and drinks and of course smoking. How long your teeth whitening result lasts depends entirely on how you look after your teeth after the treatment.

A bright, healthy smile without any of the mess associated with DIY or off-the-shelf whitening kits.

In-surgery teeth whitening with Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre.

There are many different teeth whitening products on the market. After extensive research, we have chosen KOR, as it achieves amazing results with minimal sensitivity and minimal time.

Take-home tooth whitening.

The take home system is a more affordable teeth whitening treatment which still gives you professional strength whitening. It also allows you to touch up the whiteness of your smile when needed.

Can tooth sensitivity can be a problem for whitening patients?

*We have done our research on the range of dental whitening treatments available and found that many patients still have problems with tooth sensitivity. The reason we selected the KOR system is that users have found they experience very little sensitivity.

Safety first.

As clinicians we will always ensure that it is safe to perform whitening on a patient.

We have a real concern that the stampede of people suddenly offering whitening parties and whitening at home put profits ahead of patient care and patient safety. Patients can get serious chemical burns on the lips, tongue and gums if bleaching is not performed properly.

We are also the only ones qualified to diagnose problems that may interfere with the effectiveness of whitening.

Want to know more about whitening your teeth with KOR?

 If you have any questions about the cost of tooth whitening or want to check your suitability for a dental whitening treatment then contact us to talk with one of our friendly team.

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