Children’s Dentistry Adelaide

Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre | Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide are currently treating and bulk billing children who are eligible for the Australian Government’s new Child Dental Benefits schedule.

This scheme, also known as CDBS, aims to provide children with access through financial support, under Medicare, to basic dental care including treatments such as:

Who can claim the cost of their dental care under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

There are eligibility criteria for each child to be able to claim their dental care under this schedule. Also not all treatments are covered.

We recommend that patients looking to be bulk billed for their kid’s dental costs under a Medicare dental scheme check their eligibility. The Department of Human Service’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule webpage has information about eligibility, the benefits available and how to use and claim under this scheme. Alternatively call us for more information.

We provide a range of dental services for children, and can bulk bill these treatments under the Child Dental Benefits schedule.

What age should you take your child?

Here’s an easy way to remember – ‘first visit by first birthday’.

Although many children don’t have their first proper dental check-up until they’re toddlers or older, the Australian Dental Association encourages parents to take them to the dentist when they’re babies. By caring for their teeth early, you’ll set them up with healthy oral habits and any dental problems won’t get out of hand.

We like to make sure we’ve seen your little one for a check-up by the time they’re three years old.

Get your little one ready to visit the dentist.

While the first visit can just be to familiarise your child with the dentist and to ride in the big chair, some preparation can really pay off.

At Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre, we want your toddler to have a fun first experience, so as they grow up going to the dentist will never be a drama.

What will happen at their first visit?

Book your child’s dental appointment.

If you would like to book your child’s next dental appointment or have any concerns about your kids teeth then contact Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre now. If you are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits scheme and wish to be bulk billed for your appointment please inform us at the time of making your booking .

Call us on (08) 8346 3940 or get in touch via our contact form.

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