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If you are in pain or have a toothache, there is most likely decay active. To prevent costly problems arising we would recommend you visit the dentist to treat the cavity as soon as you can.

If your tooth has experienced some decay and requires a filling, nowadays we use Tooth coloured fillings instead of the older style silver amalgam fillings.

Why tooth coloured fillings?

There are a number of benefits to using tooth coloured fillings instead of amalgam ones.

The modern material of the tooth coloured fillings is as durable and easy to work with as amalgam. For the patient it adds the cosmetic bonus of appearing just like the surrounding tooth – they look great!

On top of these reasons it is more environmentally friendly to not use amalgam.

Tooth coloured fillings are easy to work with, appear just like your natural tooth, and are more environmentally friendly.

What are coverage fillings?

Coverage fillings are large fillings that cover the entire tooth to prevent it from splitting.

These fillings are not as strong as a crown or onlay but do offer some degree of protection. We use these as an intermediate term option.

Not a one size fits all treatment

Whether you need fissure sealing, a tooth coloured dental filling, coverage filling, inlay/onlay or a crown and the cost associated with the treatment depends completely on your individual situation. Regardless of the treatment we recommend that you have the problem treated as early as possible to prevent the problem becoming more painful, costly and complicated to treat.

Contact us to book your consultation and discuss with our dentists your options, the pros and cons of each choice and the associated cost.

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