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Modern day dentures have advanced since the days of false teeth that could fall out when you sneezed or that made chewing difficult. With advancements in dental health and hygiene, the need to replace all of a patient’s teeth is lessening along with the options for people who need full or partial dentures increasing.

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Options for replacing multiple missing teeth.

If you need to replace broken teeth or teeth that have had to be removed, there are a number of denture options you can consider:

With innovative advances your new dentures will look and feel like normal teeth.

Innovative advances in dentures.

Traditional dentures: Artificial teeth are attached to a gum coloured plate which can be easily removed from the mouth. This is a very affordable choice, but does have some disadvantages. These dentures will need to be removed for regular cleaning and can often make chewing certain foods difficult.

Implant secured dentures: Partial or full dentures can be securely locked into position using two or more dental implants. Specially designed titanium bolts are secured into the jawbone and enable the dentures to be securely anchored into the mouth. While this is a more costly option, it provides significant advantages over traditional dentures. They feel closer to real teeth, provide far better chewing power, and are a safeguard against embarrassing ‘accidents’.

Full dentures and implants.

The procedure for implant secured dentures is relatively simple and very safe. Firstly, the titanium bolts or screws are implanted in the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure. This is done by a periodontist.

After allowing time for the bolts to bond with the bone, the full dentures can then be ‘locked’ into place. Your new dentures will look and feel like normal teeth. Most of our patients are delighted with the final outcome.

Which dentures are best for me?

Your choice of dentures will depend on how many teeth are missing, the health of your remaining teeth, your age and general health and, of course, your budget. We are very mindful of these issues and will discuss all your options so that you can choose which is best for you.

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