My Teeth Are Crooked Or Out Of Alignment

July 18, 2019

Tooth alignment problems arise when the line of the teeth don’t flow directly from one tooth to the next.

In this article, Dr. Daniel Horne explains about crooked teeth and  alignment problems and their treatment options.

Tooth alignment problems arise when the line of the teeth don’t flow directly from one tooth to the next.

We see alignment problems in both our adult and child patients, although serious alignment problems are often tackled in early to mid teens.

Common problems or symptoms adults and children with alignment issues have include:

Alignment issues can affect how easily people can clean their teeth and floss well between their teeth.  Unfortunately this gives people with alignment problems a predisposition to cavities.

Cosmetic problems with alignment shouldn’t be underrated.

With alignment issues many people think that we should be more worried by the functional problems than the cosmetic, but the impacts of the ‘appearance’ of someone’s smile can be quite significant.

How a person’s smile looks and how they feel about their smile is a huge issue and one that many patients are reluctant to bring up, even with their dentist. A person’s own concerns about the appearance of their teeth has a massive affect on:

There are a number of options to treat alignment problems.

It’s not something many people feel at ease talking about with their dentist but the range of options differ greatly in terms of the level of intervention, time of treatment and naturally the cost of the treatment.

The first option to consider is a non-destructive way of bringing your teeth together through Orthodontic braces or aligners such as Invisalign. The second option for patients who have crooked teeth is to have a crown or veneer placed over their original teeth to make it look straight.

We call the second option destructive because in order to put a crown on a tooth you’ve got to cut away a lot of the enamel of the tooth that is being crowned. This doesn’t necessarily make it a worse treatment or less desirable – it is simply another option for patients with alignment issues to consider.

Braces aren’t as bad as in the ‘old days’.

It is a lot more common and accepted nowadays to see adults with braces, and we have a lot more options with colours and design. So having braces doesn’t have to look terrible anymore.

How do I find the most affordable treatment for my alignment issues?

As everyone’s situation is different we recommend you start your discussion with your dentist around the problem you are trying to solve, rather than the treatment that you think you need.

Eg “I don’t like how these teeth are crooked – what are my options?”

verses “I think I need Invisalign – how much will it cost?”

There are many elements that impact the cost of your treatment, these include:

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