Smilefast Braces Adelaide

Smilefast do exactly what their name says – a beautifully straight smile in just 6-9 months!

This innovative new treatment is a great solution for people with crooked or protruding teeth who really don’t want 2-3 years of uncomfortable metal braces. Get Smilefast today at our Adelaide practice on Port Road – just outside of the CBD.

If you are looking for a beautiful smile Adelaide Quality Dental can help.

Why is Smilefast great for people wanting a beautiful smile quickly?

Smilefast takes traditional orthodontic techniques and combines it with our exclusive Smilefast technology to focus on cosmetic aspect of the orthodontic treatment i.e. how your smile appears.

While many people like the idea of a straighter smile, few actually want to endure metal braces for many years in order to get that smile. With Smilefast a great smile is possible in between 3-9 months*.

Why doesn’t Smilefast look terrible?

There are two special elements to Smilefast:

Firstly, the brackets that are attached to your teeth are clear and won’t discolour over time. Some patients have reported that elastics do discolour (with strong coloured food or drink) but these are changed at each check so this is rarely a problem.

Secondly, the wires that run between the brackets are coated in white so are much less noticeable than the silver wires used for traditional braces.

If you are looking for a beautiful smile Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre can help.

How quickly can Smilefast improve your smile?

The average Smilefast treatment time is only 6 months. As you know every mouth is different, and therefore so is every treatment time. Some of the straightforward cases have only taken 3-4 months whilst more tricky cases have taken up to 9 months.

To find out whether Smilefast is suitable for your situation, and whether you fall into the easy or complex treatment basket, contact us now to book a consultation at Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre.

Does Smilefast hurt?

As with treatment times, the level of comfort varies from case to case, although most of our Adelaide Smilefast patients report that the braces are comfortable throughout treatment. The most common time to experience any discomfort is when the braces are first put on, but this only takes a matter of days to settle and can be managed with pain relief.

What is the cost of Smilefast compared to the cost of braces?

The duration and cost of braces can be off-putting for many, but the shortness in Smilefast treatment is why they are less expensive and more affordable than traditional braces.

What conditions and ages is Smilefast suitable for?

Wearing braces used to be confined to teenagers but nowadays many adults are choosing to fix problems with their smiles that have annoyed them for years – giving them a newfound confidence. Suitability for Smilefast is not about age, but more about what is happening in your mouth so we recommend you book an initial consultation with us to discuss your situation and options.

We use Smilefast for some of the following situations (but not limited to):

Smilefast and Invisalign: which treatment is right for me?

The number of orthodontic treatments available in the market today is growing, and many people ask us “Which orthodontic treatment is best for me?”

At Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre we offer Smilefast and Invisalign clear / invisible aligners. We are not loyal to anyone except our patient, so we are well placed to assess your individual situation and discuss the pros and cons of each treatment for your situation, so that you can make a choice that is right for you.

Before and after photos of Smilefast orthodontic treatment cases.

These before and after photos of Smilefast give the best idea of what other people have achieved with this treatment. Each person’s situation can be different so to find out whether Smilefast is suitable for you we recommend and initial consultation with us Adelaide Quality Dental.

Is Smilefast suitable for me?

Each person’s situation can be different so to find out whether Smilefast is right for you we recommend and initial consultation with us Adelaide Smile and Implant Centre Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide.

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